Click on the above kitchen to see what it looked like
when Kirby bought the house in 1975.

Below right, a picture after we knocked out the wall. That was fun! 10/98

Above left, part of the wall in the new kitchen still standing, right is that wall removed.10/98

Above shows the floor ripped out and the wall where the double oven will be. 11/98

Below is the above finished wall knocked out. Notice the new sub floor leveled and solid. 11/98

Above a recent photo before the drywall goes up. 1/99

Drywall in the soon to be kitchen (angle 1). 2/99

Angle 2 of the soon to be kitchen. 2/99

Angle 3 of the soon to be kitchen. 2/99

Wow a lot has changed in the last couple of weeks. This is how the kitchen looks 3/9/99. Hopefully the black granite counter top (supplied IMG/Bev McAuley 1-800-464-4661) which looks awesome, will be installed and completed by Steve Sykora by the end of the week along with cooktop and plumbing fixtures. A big thanks to Bev for the great service.

A picture during the Lafayette Square House Tour. 6/99

Kitchen cabinets installed and the opening to the family room is trimmed with
wood trim from the doors we removed from this room(dining room). 10/99

Click here to see a bigger picture.