June 2001 Front of house -after having new windows installed, roof, dormer windows and cornice brackets rebuilt and repainted- Click here for larger image.

May 1999 A picture of the front of the house (scaffolding free). In other words we are finished painting the cornice brackets! Yeah!! Now we can actually work on the inside of the house.

October 1998 Julie and Wayne purchase 2108 Lafayette from Kirby Greene.

1975 - A photo when Kirby Green purchased the house in 1975.

Click here for larger image.


Front doors stripped and refinished- 6/01- Click here for larger image.

Julie is stripping the front doors. 4/22/01


Work on the front part of the roof has started. 3/98



Above and below are more pictures of the house at different angles.

The pictures below, were taken by Carol (Julie's mom) from the park across the street.

Our house is not the only house on the block being rehabbed. The "Green" house on the right is also being rehabbed.

More pictures will be added as we go so keep checking back!

So what have been doing? We have been burning the old paint off of the front brick
molding around the front windows. This has been taking a lot of time, considering the size
of the windows. (10 - 11 ft). After a month or so. we have 3 of the 5 completed.

Below shows one that is finished. 9/99

Click on the picture above to see a larger image.

Ahh! The Garage is painted! 8/99