The backyard was a mess, the pictures below show some of the overgrown weed trees.

Pictured from left to right: Paul Padberg, Julie, up on the ladder - Matt Padberg, Wayne and Jason Fiehler holding the ladder.

Only 1 injury that weekend! Jason was hit on the head by a falling tree branch. Jason survived and we decided it was time for late afternoon lunch. 10/98


Above right the futre site of the garage.

These are pictures of the sewer line being replaced and adding 3 new downspout drains connected to the sewer line. This was done before the roofers scaffolding went up.11/98

A picture of the backyard after the sewer line was replaced and lots of trees cut down. 11/98

Below are pictures of our neighbor Trace and Matt in the alley chipping all of the tree limbs.


Looking back to the alley. Wow where did all of the trees go?

Above the sideyard cleaned up.

More pictures of the backyard after removing lots of trees. Notice all of the piles of wood (both lumber and tree stumps). A big thanks to Matt, Paul, Bob, Cindy & Emily for helping Julie and myself loading up a 40 yard dumpster over warm December weekend. Only 1 injury that weekend. Julie stepped on a nail and had to go to the Doctor the following day for a tetanus shot.

Step 1 of the Garage. The footings are dug out and the ground leveled. A couple more trees removed for the garage. Thanks again Matt! 8/99

Step 2 - The footing and slab is poured. 8/99

And finally we have a garage!! Wow this is exciting! We still have to paint it! 8/99

Now we have 9 tons of air conditioning. The unit on the left is a new 5 ton unit we added to the house. 8/99

Ahha! The Garage is painted! 8/99

The removal of the over 125 year old Tulip Tree.

The long awaited removal of the tree took place on September 16th 2000. In October of 1999, the tree was struck by lightening and was dropping large branches and causing a lot of damage ever since then.

Paul Sauer and myself took the tree down in 4 hours using a rented hydraulic lift. What is not shown by the photos: the tree towering over the rear of the house by about 30 feet. Keep in mind that the height of the back side of the house measures 40 ft. to the gutters. We were up in the air about 70 feet cutting the tree in small sections and carefully throwing over the side the cut pieces. This was a lot of fun and saved Julie and I about $4700.00 in tree removal as that was the quote for removing it by a tree removal company.

A BIG THANKS to: Paul Sauer for helping us!!!

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