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Covid-19 Page Example

Example 1

The Insert Company Name continues to monitor the developments of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and is taking measures to ensure our service to you remains at the highest level of quality. While our business operations have not been impacted, we have made the decision to limit employee travel and in-person meetings. We apologize to those with whom we’ve had to cancel in-person meetings with but are confident in our ability to continue to deliver exceptional service via conference calls. Additionally, many of our team members will be working remotely to reduce the risk of spreading the virus in the community. We do not anticipate any service interruptions and will continue to provide you with the support you have come to expect and appreciate.

Example 2

To our valued Clients,

We understand that everyone is concerned about coronavirus. And we are as well, which is why we are taking every precaution possible to keep you and out team safe and healthy.

While the threat of coronavirus exists, we are asking our team who feel unwell or have sick loved ones to refrain from working in our office onsite. Many of our team have already begun working remotely which has allowed those in the office to maintain safe social distance. Our office doors will remain locked until further notice.

If you have tax or any other documents to deliver, please do so through your client portal or use the secure drop boxes/mail slot located at each office. If you need to communicate with our team, please feel free to call or email. If you would like to meet face to face, they can arrange a Zoom web meeting. It is easy to use!

Our main focus is the continued good health of everyone!

Please be sure to reach out to us with concerns or questions. We are here to help!


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